Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ghee Happy

This was way too cute to pass up. Ghee Happy is a site illustrated by pixar animator Sanjay Patel. The illustrations are from a book about Hindu Gods & Goddesses. You can also try & score some cute T-shirts & merchandise for your kid ( if he's into Krisha) . I personally love the Kali, she's fierce & purple with skulls! (& decapitated head) . It's a pity the t-shirts are for toddlers.

Check out more at Ghee Happy.

Update : I was told you can find women's tees here


  1. This is sooo Super cool! You've features so many funky desi designers its not funny. I am horrified to see I havent't linked you yet. Correction that NOW! Keep the eyecandy coming!

  2. Hey MC,
    These designs are also printed on ladies shirts, so you should definitely grab some!
    You can find them over at Super 7

  3. Vineeta, Thanks!

    thanks for the headsup *Pmh!