Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bhakthi Dakshinamurthy

HOLY F..! Atleast that's what Bhakthi D. hopes to hear when you check out her wares at HolyF. Designs. This Bangalorean Art Director decided to simply merge her two greatest loves , shoes & painting to create a very funky labour of love - a design house that sells painted shoes. She buys white canvas shoes and hand paints them with custom design/print pre-approved by the client/wearer of funky shoes. Then she sets out blinging them out with various trims like beads , buttons , glow-in-the-dark paint , even origami!

Watch her on youtube. The one with the idlis and kanada script has to be my fave.


  1. these are amazing!! unique

  2. Finally, you are back, and how! Lovely. I've seen painted canvases offered by playclan too, but good to know that these are customized.

  3. Hi, love yr shoes... want to put them into a really interesting design & fashion store in Mumbai. Tried emailing you but no luck. Mail me if you are interested on

  4. Creative is all that i can say . Wok well done.

  5. Bhakthi,
    Super Super cool stuff. Your email bounced back. Any other email id which works?

    ~ B