Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vandana Jain

"I have been primarily working with well-known corporate logos, sometimes also incorporating slogans, wrappers and packaging. I often place these elements into quasi-religious contexts, arranging logos into mandalas or creating ritualistic spaces based on ad campaigns. I am interested in examining the deep influence of corporate and consumer culture on modern life, through a contrast of hand and machine; individual and conglomerate.", says New York based artist Vandana Jain.


  1. Hey these are quite cool...are they embroidered?

  2. Indeed they are Vindy. I thought so The fine line between advertising and art. I like some of her other work too

  3. Very very interesting. the whole idea of using existing symbolism and arranging it as mandalas.
    Pav, have you seen Marian Banjes's work? I've posted about her.

  4. these are delicate. love the bp symbol--so you made a flower out of gasoline! Images, of course.

    on my blog right now, i have an old sign from a very old gas station called "Pure" and it has a sort of flower pattern--i need to look it up and see if it was once, a BP affiliate. Who knows. But your beautiful images made me think of it.

    I also enjoyed what you wrote on Bibbi's post.

  5. Vin: Will take a look !

    Mansuede: Thanks for visiting. These are the works of the talented mixed media artist Vandana Jain, not mine :)