Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aarti Karwayun Chawda

mixed media- pin up illustration mixed media-typewriter illustration mixed media-bicycle illustration

Stumbled onto Aarti's work via Artnlight: an incredible design blog, loved these collage/decoupage pieces by the artist. Aarti created these works from a vintage photography book that belonged to her grandfather.

"This series of mix media illustration is my way to connect things of the past and share love for "all things vintage" with the world. Old stories of simple, joyous things like Bicycles, Typewriters, Vespa, Cassettes find new expressions on my grandfathers old books from 1940s.

I have tried to bring these old things to life by adding real 2D elements like dried flowers, an unfinished poem on a real paper stuck to the typewriter, an old cassette tape with the reel pulled."


  1. From the time I have known Aarti, art is in her genes. Its only Aarti who can create mix media illustrations so beautifully.

  2. Good Job Aarti,Keep the good work going.
    Designs look great. Good to see guys in Indian Outfit.
    Fashion Institute