Saturday, June 22, 2013

Maheswari Janarthan

The Sacred Journey
the awakening
lady in the water

Take a gander at the whimsical renderings of the very talented, Chennai based Maheswari Janarthan. It will transport you to  the artists own little wonderland of myth and beauty. Janarthan's pieces explore  the grandiose of the cosmos and the introspective self while staying true to her simplistic and layered illustrative style. Explore more at Little one's doodles.


  1. lovely :) nice and just truly adorable !

  2. I love Maheshwari Janarthan's work. She has a refreshingly unique style which is distinctly her own. The way she integrates shapes, symbols and colour combinations to create these delightful pictures sets her work apart from the rest. It is wonderful and pleasing to behold.