Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Harikrishnan Panicker

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Harikrishnan Panicker is a Denver based Digital Artist originally from Mumbai. Although his area of expertise is graphic art, his backlit paper sculptures speak of a precision that belie a digital artist. This nimble fingered dreamer draws his inspiration from his father and wife , who are both captivating storytellers. His pieces are created and executed to the soothing sounds of sufi music.

Of his work he says,"I think I make really fresh and interesting pieces of art. I have a digital art background and my earlier days were mostly working on the computer, My wife Deepti is the exact opposite, she hates using the computer to make art. She is the rebel, the explorer and I think that has definitely influenced how I work. We discovered working with paper and we kept evolving with the art. Its more tactile, handmade, has this raw quality to the art. We love the feel of paper. I personally like to be minimal with the art, and add that extra layer of complexity with use the lights. It has a lot of love, care and hard work in it and It makes someone looking at it happy ". Follow him on Thumbdemon

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  1. Have been a fan of Harikrishnan's work for a while now. I especially love his backlit paper sculpture work. It is truly brilliant.

  2. WOW!!! Amazing digital art work. I like the 2nd art work. I think it will make the room more beautiful by this creative art work as Indian contemporary art. Found this blog by Google search. I will visit it again for more creative work. Thanks for sharing the excellent digital art with us. Keep it up.